What Plastic Surgery Has Brit Marling Gotten? Body Measurements and Wiki

Brit Marling Plastic Surgery and Body Measurements

Biography and Interesting Facts

Brit Marling’s body statistics and plastic surgery facts are all here! Check out her height, body measurements, weight, shoe size, and whether she has undergone cosmetic surgery!

Brit was born in Chicago, Illinois in 1983. Brit started to be famous after movies such as Sound of My Voice, Another Earth and The East. She was dating famous director Mike Cahill in the past. Marling also posed for the cover page of W magazine together with actor Eddie Redmayne. Her fans are usually thrilled by dresses she chooses for public appearances. For example for Independent Spirit Awards, Brit wore beautiful lace dress with nice details.

Plastic Surgery Pictures

Do you believe Brit Marling went under the knife? Sometimes it can be hard to tell if cosmetic surgery is truly involved.

Brit Marling Plastic Surgery Face
Attractive: Regardless of whether or not plastic surgery is involved, Brit Marling has the face of an angel.
Brit Marling Cosmetic Surgery Body
The actor is looking incredible. It must be a breeze to stand in the limelight when boasting such an gorgeous figure as Brit Marling.

Plastic Surgery History

Which plastic surgeries did Brit Marling do on the body? Check out known facts in the table below!

Plastic Surgery
Nose JobUnknown
Boob JobNo
Breast ReductionUnknown
Butt ImplantsUnknown
Butt LiftUnknown
Eyelid SurgeryUnknown

Inspirational Quotes by Brit Marling

We’re always just telling stories, and stories are always just approximations of the truth. It’s never the truth exactly.

Brit Marling

I think there is a general unrest or curiosity about what a human future is going to be like, and whether the way we’re living is even sustainable.

Brit Marling

Then in college, besides economics, I also majored in studio art and got involved in photography and making short films and acting. But I didn’t know you could make a living that way.

Brit Marling

We put limitations on the way that we think about things, on ourselves, think about all the boxes we live in, male or female, you’re this age, that age, this is your job, this is not your job, everything is about getting boxed in.

Brit Marling

I’d studied theater growing up and loved that, but didn’t have many examples of artists around me.

Brit Marling

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