Did Ronan Farrow Go Under the Knife? Plastic Surgery Facts!

Ronan Farrow Plastic Surgery Procedures

Biography and Interesting Facts

Never has plastic surgery been more popular or normalized than in today’s society, especially if you are a commentator like Ronan Farrow, where your appearance can make or break your career. Has Ronan Farrow fallen for the temptation? Find out all plastic surgery facts below.

In 2018, Farrow publicly announced that he was part of the LBGTQ community. The following year, he got engaged to podcast entrepreneur and former presidential speech writer Jon Lovett, whom he had been dating since 2011.

Ronan Farrow is an American activist, journalist, lawyer, and former U.S. government advisor. He hosted Ronan Farrow Daily from 2014 to 2015. He has also hosted many other TV programs and shows aired on NBC, including ‘Morning Joe’, ‘Today Show’ and ‘Nightly News’. In 2012, Forbes Magazine ranked him #1 in Law and Policy on their 30 Under 30 most influential people list. Born Satchel Ronan O’Sullivan Farrow on December 19, 1987 in New York City, New York, USA, to actress Mia Farrow and film director Woody Allen, he belongs to Ashkenazi Jewish, English, Irish and Scottish descent. He studied at Bard College at Simon’s Rock. Then he transferred to Bard College and received Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy at only 15 years old. He also received Law degree from Yale Law School.

Plastic Surgery Pictures

Do you believe Ronan Farrow went under the knife? Sometimes it can be hard to tell if cosmetic surgery is truly involved.

Ronan Farrow Cosmetic Surgery Face
Incredible: Regardless of whether or not plastic surgery is involved, Ronan Farrow has the face of an angel.

Plastic Surgery History

“After Ronan finished law school, Mia had him undergo cosmetic surgery to extend his legs and gain a few inches in height,” Moses is quoted as saying in the book. “I told her I couldn’t imagine putting someone through the ordeal for cosmetic reasons.

Which plastic surgeries did Ronan Farrow do on the body? Check out known facts in the table below!

Plastic Surgery Procedures
Nose Job*N/A
Lip Injection/FillersN/A
Chin ImplantsN/A
Butt ImplantsN/A
Butt LiftN/A
Eyelid SurgeryN/A
Tummy TuckN/A
  1. It is also called rhinoplasty, nose surgery.
  2. This includes breast enlargement, breast augmentation, breast lift.
  3. It is also called lip augmentation.

Inspirational Quotes by Ronan Farrow

"Purchasing a story in order to bury it is a practice that many in the tabloid industry call 'catch and kill.'"

Ronan Farrow Plastic Surgery Procedures- Ronan Farrow

"Ninety percent of all people under 30 are in developing countries, and that means that this new access to tech, which is such a positive thing... is also a ticking time bomb of frustration... You get this clear mismatch of opportunity and expectation."

Ronan Farrow Plastic Surgery Procedures- Ronan Farrow

"When you're under a microscope from an early age, you realize that people aren't always going to like you. And that's OK. And you're going to fail publicly, and that's OK, too."

Ronan Farrow Plastic Surgery Procedures- Ronan Farrow

"I have a brother who's a schoolteacher, a sister who's a graphic artist, a brother who is a lawyer. I have a brother who's a carpenter."

Ronan Farrow Plastic Surgery Procedures- Ronan Farrow

"Our culture has kind of let the concept of the Renaissance Man die out. We don't really tell the kids that it's okay to bounce around the world, work odd jobs, and do six different things."

Ronan Farrow Plastic Surgery Procedures- Ronan Farrow