Keira Knightley’s Plastic Surgery – What We Know So Far

Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery Procedures

Biography and Interesting Facts

We have listed all plastic surgeries Keira Knightley has and has not done. Could plastic surgery be her secret weapon? Below are the rumors, plastic surgery facts, and more!

Keira was born 26 March 1985 in Teddington, London. She’s acting since she was six years old. However, Knightley became more famous around the year 2000, when bigger roles were offered to her. She played in Bend It Like Beckham, Doctor Zhivago, King Arthur, and Pride & Prejudice. In more recent movies like The Edge of Love and A Dangerous Method, Keira doesn’t hesitate to appear in nude scenes. This again spurred wide debate about her body measurements, especially her low weight. Knightley had to deny rumours that she’s anorexic on several occasions.

Plastic Surgery Pictures

Do you believe Keira Knightley went under the knife? Sometimes it can be hard to tell if cosmetic surgery is truly involved.

Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery Face
The actor looks incredible. It must be a breeze to be the center of attention when boasting such beautiful features as Keira Knightley.
Keira Knightley Cosmetic Surgery Body
Looking hot: Keira Knightley knows how to strike a pose. She doesn't need any plastic surgery to look glorious.

Plastic Surgery History

There are rumors that Knightley had a nose job and a lip job.

Which plastic surgeries did Keira Knightley do on the body? Check out known facts in the table below!

Plastic Surgery Procedures
Nose Job*No
Boob Job**N/A
Breast ReductionN/A
Lip Injection/FillersNo
Chin ImplantsN/A
Butt ImplantsN/A
Butt LiftN/A
Eyelid SurgeryN/A
Tummy TuckN/A
  1. It is also called rhinoplasty, nose surgery.
  2. This includes breast enlargement, breast augmentation, breast lift.
  3. It is also called lip augmentation.

Inspirational Quotes by Keira Knightley

"You already feel unsure of yourself, and then you see your worst fears in print. It really knocked me - which is why, I think, I was working, working, working, because I was trying to run away from the fact that I thought I couldn't do it."

Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery Procedures- Keira Knightley

"It's good to know that other people think differently, and that's what makes the characters interesting."

Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery Procedures- Keira Knightley

"I don't have a problem with my body. I'm not just going to strip off all my clothing, but if the part calls for it and I don't think there's any way round, I'm absolutely fine."

Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery Procedures- Keira Knightley

"It's impossible. You try to have any kind of relationship with your family, with a man, or with a friend, and you have to be on the phone and the Internet the entire time."

Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery Procedures- Keira Knightley

"It's all about perfection, isn't it?"

Keira Knightley Plastic Surgery Procedures- Keira Knightley

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