Has Megan Mullally Had Plastic Surgery? Body Measurements and More!

Megan Mullally Plastic Surgery and Body Measurements

Biography and Interesting Facts

We have listed all plastic surgeries Megan Mullally has, and has not, done. Could plastic surgery be her secret weapon? Below are the rumors, plastic surgery facts, and more!

Megan was born November 12, 1958 in Los Angeles, California which is certainly a right place to be if you can afford an expensive property. Mullally has Irish ancestry. She played in countless movies and TV shows. You probablt know her as Karen from Will & Grace, Chief from Children’s Hospital, and Patty from Stealing Harvard, just to name a few important roles. In 2014, Mullally took a role in Date and Switch and several other films. As a young actress, Megan had perfect measurements and she still look pretty hot. It’s hard to believe she’s actually 56 years old now.

Plastic Surgery Pictures

Do you believe Megan Mullally went under the knife? Sometimes it can be hard to tell if cosmetic surgery is truly involved.

Megan Mullally Plastic Surgery Face
The comedian looks radiant. It must be a breeze to be the center of attention when boasting such beautiful features as Megan Mullally.
Megan Mullally Cosmetic Surgery Body
Congratulations: Megan Mullally is beaming with confidence. The comedian looks stunning as ever, and it's hard to say if cosmetic surgery of any kind is involved.

Plastic Surgery History

Which plastic surgeries did Megan Mullally do on the body? Check out known facts in the table below!

Plastic Surgery
Nose JobUnknown
Boob JobNo
Breast ReductionUnknown
Butt ImplantsUnknown
Butt LiftUnknown
Eyelid SurgeryUnknown

Inspirational Quotes by Megan Mullally

We’re both big Glen Campbell fans – it’s one of the things that united us in eternal love.

Megan Mullally

Now, it’s weird not to have gay characters on a show.

Megan Mullally

I’m a big hit with guards at security. They’re the center of my fan base, the airport security guards.

Megan Mullally

I never had a burning desire to have children. But then I met Nick, and I thought, ‘This is the only person I’d do this with.’ So we tried, but I was a little long in the tooth for that sort of thing. But we didn’t turn it into a soap opera. We tried for about a year or so, and it didn’t happen and took that to mean it wasn’t meant to be.

Megan Mullally

Nick hasn’t seen me naked – I’m not a person who’s constantly flinging my clothes aside and strutting about.

Megan Mullally

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