Did Geraldo Rivera Get Plastic Surgery? All Facts!

Geraldo Rivera Plastic Surgery

Biography and Interesting Facts

What plastic surgeries did Geraldo Rivera do? The TV show host typically looks stunning, but why not perfect the look with some cosmetic surgery? Below are all Geraldo Rivera’s plastic surgeries and more!

Geraldo Rivera was married to Linda Coblentz in 1965, and the couple got divorced in 1969. He then married Edith Vonnegut on December 14, 1971, but they got divorced in 1975. He and Sherryl Raymond got married on December 31, 1976, and by 1984, they were divorced.

TV personality and news reporter best known for hosting his own talk show, Geraldo, from 1987 to 1998. He became a competitor on season 22 of ABC’s Dancing With the Stars.

He was employed as an investigator of the New York Police Department before pursuing other careers.

Cheech Marin, a long-time friend, did a parody naming him Horrendo Revolver and he has been called a ‘trash journalist,’ while appearing on Fox News.

Plastic Surgery Pictures

Do you believe Geraldo Rivera went under the knife? Sometimes it can be hard to tell if cosmetic surgery is truly involved.

Geraldo Rivera Cosmetic Surgery Face
What has two eyes, a captivating smile, and looks magnificently mesmerizing? Geraldo Rivera does not hesitate to bask in the spotlight.
Geraldo Rivera Plastic Surgery Body
There is no point denying that Geraldo Rivera has a glorious body. The TV show host looks great with or without cosmetic surgery.

Plastic Surgery History

In an episode featuring racist skinheads and white supremacists and a black activist, an on-air brawl occurred, and Rivera’s nose was broken. Twice he had plastic surgery on the show.

Which plastic surgeries did Geraldo Rivera do on the body? Check out known facts in the table below!

Plastic Surgery Procedures
Nose Job*N/A
Lip Injection/FillersN/A
Chin ImplantsN/A
Butt ImplantsN/A
Butt LiftN/A
Eyelid SurgeryN/A
Tummy TuckN/A
  1. It is also called rhinoplasty, nose surgery.
  2. This includes breast enlargement, breast augmentation, breast lift.
  3. It is also called lip augmentation.